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What is a Partner?

A Partner mod is a mod project that shares resources and staff to help get a better quality mod out that is completed faster. The advantage of this is that we are able to use some very talented individuals from a partner mod that can help get things finished faster for another partner mod.

If you are sharing resources, won't the mods essentially be the same?

No, the concepts for each Partner mod are quite different. Usually, stuff that is shared is usually applied in a totally different way. Each mod has their own ideas and directions they wish to take the game in play style, so we just help our partners reach their own goal that much faster and vice versa.

Who is the Partner Network?

Rise of the Reds, Shockwave, and Vietnam | Glory Obscured currently share staff and resources. You can visit their sites below.

How can my Mod become part of the Partner Network?

Your mod has to be well established, active, and update on a regular basis. All Partner Mods must agree to take on another mod as a partner.

If you want to be considered to be a Partner or have questions, please contact us.







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