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Update 10-2-11 - European Mirrors for Hydra v2.0 and a Mac version of Pegasus v1.1 have been added.

Hydra v2.0 Downloads:
Uninstall any previous version of the mod and do fresh clean install for v2.0. The mod will update automatically to the latest version

Full Version (421 mb)
European Mirror - Germany (421 mb)


Mac Version v1.1 only
Mod DB - Pegasus v1.1 for the Mac
SuperKev Studios - Pegaus v1.1 for the Mac
European Mirror - Germany - Pegasus v1.1

Video Tutorials

We have made a series of Video Tutorials to show new players what they can expect with the new game play in VGO. Check them all out here.


Technical Support

Trouble getting the mod to work or having problems running ZH on Win7 or Vista? No problem, check out our COMMON ISSUES thread to find a solution!

Vietnam Glory Obscured v2.0 - The Hydra Release

Almost 7 years in the making and the end is near here. VGO v2.0 - The Hydra Release completes the NVA faction as well as adds many more features. Included with the Hydra Release are:

  • Mod Launcher with Auto Updates
  • USA and NVA Factions
  • New Units and Buildings for USA
  • New Monetary System
  • Dynamic Jungle and Open Field Warfare (Fire Propagation, Stealth and Stat Buffs)
  • Combat Tactics and Strategy New to Zero Hour
  • New Construction Mechanic for the NVA Faction
  • New Game Modes including King of the Hill, Bombardment, Meat Grinder as well as Standard
  • New Custom Maps Designed Specifically for VGO's New Game play
  • Custom AI
  • Weather System
  • Bloom
  • Custom Particle Effects
  • New Musical Score
  • Intro Video
  • Custom Voices
  • Fully Compatible with The First Decade
  • Hidden Easter Eggs and More!


Download Hydra v2.0

Some things to keep in mind BEFORE installing the mod:

Remove any PREVIOUS version of VGO before installing Hydra
Zero Hour has the LATEST patch installed
Remove ALL mods that don't use Mod Launchers
Generally a fresh install of Zero Hour will fix most problems


Additional Programs

To play online with your friends, we recommend Hamachi, a free program that lets you set up a virtual LAN over the internet. Download the Unmanaged Mode version of Hamachi.

The latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required for the mod launcher.


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