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October 23 , 2008

Downloads (980 kb installer)
Full Version
Light Version
International Version

Mod Database (980 kb installer)
Full Version
Light Version
International Version

The Auto Updater for the international version may have to download up to 300mb once it is installed if you have never installed the mod before.

Pegasus v1.2 is Here!
Some bug fixes, some balance fixes, some additions. The most important thing with this patch is an automatic updater for the Mod Launcher. As long as you are connected to the internet, the Mod Launcher will patch the mod to the latest version if there are any updates. The initial download is 980 kb for each version of the installer, and after installed it will download the newest files patching whatever your current version is to 1.2, even if this is your first time installing the mod it will still work (although expect a larger download.) What you can expect to see in the new patch:

Mod Launcher Auto Updater
Vulcan and AH1 now has a chance to miss air units
All AA has shorter vision but the ability to spot air units outside of this vision.
Mortar pit is now unstealthed during construction
AI Enhancement - does not horde choppers and is more likely to use vehicles
F105 has greater health and does more damage (both with and without napalm)

Bug Fixes:
Vulcan deploy/undeploy/unhook artwork was put in
Agent Blue Icon to be shown at the command center when purchased instead of Agent Orange Icon fixed
Vulcan deploy/undeploy text fixed
M113 has dust for bullets when they hit the ground
AH-1 double gun turret issue is fixed
Elite Green Beret C3 issue fixed
Treasure Island BB capture center issue fixed

If anyone has any problems or issues, please visit our forums and let us know! We can help you get the mod up and running. Also if you find any bugs, tell us so we can fix it!

News From the Front - North Vietnamese Army
We are currently hard at work on the NVA, things are moving along fairly well and we've had to change very little from our design document during implementation into SAGE. Nearly all the ground units are in game, we are also starting to get the infantry into the game now as well. We expect it all to be implemented relatively quickly compared to the USA. Designing and creating buildings will be the next major step. After that all that is really left is balancing the NVA with the USA, which will arguably be the hardest part.

This Month in Vietnam - Oct 1966
The Vietcong's 9th Division, having recovered from battles from the previous July, prepares for a new offensive. Losses in men and equipment have been replaced by supplies and reinforcements sent down the Ho Chi Minh trail from North Vietnam





Sept 7 , 2008

Mod DB - Pegasus v1.1 for the Mac

SuperKev Studios - Pegasus v1.1 for the Mac


Pegasus v1.1 has been officially released for the Mac!
We know the Mac Users have been waiting for it, now it is here! You get all the same great gameplay features and units from the PC version, only now it's for the Mac! A big thanks to SuperKev for putting a Mac version together for us.

If there are any problems, please direct all your Mac related issues to his site. Visit SuperKev's Command and Conquer Mac HQ for other great Mac versions of mods such as CWC and Shockwave!

VGO Sound Track - Music Player Update
We have updated our music player with 4 Work In Progress (WIP) tracks for the NVA. Also featured in our music player are some tracks from the USA as well as the 2 songs in our mod by Effect29.

This Month in Vietnam - Sept / Oct 1965
After the North Vietnamese Army attacks a Special Forces camp at Plei Mei, the U.S. 1st Air Cavalry is deployed against enemy regiments that are identified in the vicinity of the camp. The result is the battle of the Ia Drang. For 35 days, the division pursues and fights the 32d, 33d, and 66th North Vietnamese Regiments until the enemy, suffering heavy casualties, returns to bases in Cambodia.




July 27, 2008

Cold War Crisis

Congratulations to our friends at CWC! 4 years of hard work and their mod is finally done. You owe it to yourself to try out one of the most professional looking mods for Zero Hour.

You can download the mod starting Monday, July 28th. So be sure to help keep their servers busy!







June 28, 2008



April 15, 2008

Vietnam | Glory Obscured IRC

In an effort to make communicating with the Developers of VGO easier, we have integrated a web based IRC. This will allow anyone easy and instant access to be able to have a live discussion with the Devs!

You can share your ideas about the mod, get your questions answered, talk about tactics and game play, or even challenge a Dev to a head to head battle of VGO!

Also talk with Beta Testers and other fans of VGO. It really is as easy as clicking here.

Pegasus Patch v1.1 Update News

We know it's been a few months since release and we wanted to let everyone know what we've been up to. We have been diligently working on patch v1.1 that addresses a number of things. Aside from the bug fixes, we have listened to all the feedback coming and have made some changes. One of the things we addressed were adding ranking for infantry and we've worked in some special abilities that unlock for those infantry that rank up.

So aside from some new maps and visual eye candy that will be in the new patch, the biggest issue we addressed was the accessibility of the mod to new players that are not use to the style of game play we have created. We will be releasing a tutorial map along with the patch that will take the players through all the new features in the mod and show players how to use them. For those of you who don't like reading the manual, this tutorial is for you!

A full list of changes, additions, and bug fixes will be posted when patch is released.
Look for Pegasus v1.1 Patch coming soon!

ScreamingCricket Visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

"Before working on the VGO mod, I had little interest in the Vietnam War era, but I wanted to work on something no one else was doing. As with all my projects, I began to research the war more and more, and started reading books written by soldiers that fought in the war. It was a different type of war that had never been fought before, and I wanted to portray that the best I could in the mod.

Over the last 3 years of working on VGO, the Vietnam War has captured my interest and I felt it time that I visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a place I had never been before. Since I live in the Washington D.C. area, I don't really know why I hadn't gone sooner. While I was there, I stopped for a picture with the bronze statue of The Three Soldiers. They are positioned looking at the Wall of names of the soldiers who died in Vietnam.

The walk along the wall was solemn and actually quite haunting. As you walked down into the earth, the Wall began to tower over you and it was quite overwhelming to see all the names as each panel as the stone slabs got larger. Anyone who has visited the Wall before will know what I mean. There were old veterans crying over lost friends and pictures left by the wall of the soldiers who died. With all the crowds of people there, no one talked, all that was heard were birds. It is definitely an experience I wont soon forget."

- ScreamingCricket



Jan 8, 2008

Full Version Mirrors (140mb) AtomicGamer
Our Website

Light Version Mirrors (86mb) AtomicGamer
Our Website

International Patch (117mb)
Our Website

If you can add to this list of mirrors, please contact us!

Pegasus Release Includes:

Totally New Play Style
USA Side - Including Navy!
Custom AI
Custom Jungle Trees
Custom Particle Effects
Weather System
Village Logic Cash System
User Manual
18 Maps
New Multiplayer Game Types:

Standard Gameplay (11)
Meatgrinder Gameplay (5)
Bombardment Gameplay (2)

Custom Music (not included in Light Pack)
Custom Voices (not included in Light Pack)

While you're downloading, have a read up on the gameplay, units and strategies in our
VGO User Manual!

Screen Shots

Video of Gameplay
AntiSocialKindaGuy runs through how to play VGO!



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