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Nov 19, 2007

The Black Dragon
Over the past few updates, we've shown how our final stages of polishing was going. The last major hurdle was something we've really not talked a lot about: the USS New Jersey, the Iowa-class battleship. The ship served during WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, and the Lebanese Civil War. The New Jersey has been decommissioned several times and always brought back into service to deliver death. We wanted to make this ship truly epic in the game, it takes up the length of screen. And best of all, you can control this massive behemoth during the course of battle!

How It Works
To gain control of this huge ship during matches, there are capture points known as the Battleship Capture Center. Once a player has enough of these structures under control, they gain access to the Battleship. Players will fight over these structures to gain control of the Battleship. We will reveal more about these special buildings soon.

Once the Battleship is under the players control, he can order the ship to different locations on the map to help defend or support his troops. Once is position, the 3 massive turrets fire their nine 16" mark 7 cannons resulting in heavy devastation. However, while the ship deals high damage, it can be destroyed...if the player can get through its heavy armor and flak.

If aircraft start to try and target the battleship, the player can activate the 5" Mark 28 deck guns to fire flak. The flak cannons deal heavy damage to aircraft, sending them into the ocean almost immediately. Although, because the flak has to be triggered manually by the player, he better keep a close eye on his new ship.

The Battleship was modeled and textured by BombProofVest and particles were done by Cboidy. Special thanks to Hex (2312222) from the CWC team for helping us finalize all the tricky coding we had to do to get 3 turrets working!

We are getting very close to having the mod in a release state. The last large task is finishing the custom animations for all the infantry. If anyone is interested in helping us out with textures, modeling, rigging or animation, we could sure use the help to get this thing finished faster! Drop by our forums and let us know what you can do! We are looking for committed people that already have the knowledge and skills.

Maybe some of you would like to get in on the action? Check out our Beta Tester Application thread to enlist! Do you have talents and skills that would be an asset to us? Let us know!

We have more surprises in store that we will be showing soon, so stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving from the Vietnam Team!


October 27, 2007

It has been awhile since our last update, but we have not been idle. The reason for such a long gap is we've been to hard at work polishing the mod and fixing bugs - so busy in fact that we've not had a time to show you what we've been working on. The benefit of waiting is a large update with some special things we'd like to show.

Revamped Particles
Boidy returns to us to create new particles and enhance the existing ones he had made for us. Armed with actual footage from Vietnam and custom textures created by ScreamingCricket, Boidy dazzles and amazes. We'd like to share just some of the fabulous stuff he has been creating.

Artillery and BLU-82 "C-Vault" Bomb
The first picture shows an artillery barrage right after a carpet bombing. The next 5 pictures shows the C-Vault, one of the USA's high level weapons, exploding with devastating results. The white sphere is expanding out from the blast is super heated air. If you can get this weapon deployed into an enemy base, it's destructive power will assure your victory.

Napalm, Glorious Napalm
Boidy took our current napalm, added the new custom textures as well as new effects to make the napalm look as close as possible to the footage of napalm exploding in Vietnam. While it looks great in the pictures, to see it in motion is something to behold. Maybe next update...?

New Features and Eye Candy
1st Picture - One thing that isn't really noticeable at first, but helps sell the overall feeling of an amphibious assault by the M113 APC, is its back ramp opens before all the troops run out (or in).
2nd Picture - As if revamping the current particles wasn't enough, Boidy created new ones for all the infantry. Grenade blasts, muzzle flares, bullets that miss kick up dirt, and the Redeye Soldiers destructive power. The redeye soldier can shoot down aircraft, and they fall from the sky; however, sometimes there is a chance the redeye missile will hit its target dead on and the aircraft will explode in cloud of decimation.
3rd Picture - The Pilot, never shown before, is part of a new feature added to the mod. Usually when planes are shot down, a pilot has a chance of ejecting - or if a chopper crashes, a pilot might survive the crash and crawl out. But now you have a pilot down behind enemy lines, and there is a good reason you must rescue him. When a pilot is recovered and brought back the command center, the player will receive a good portion of cash back based on the type of aircraft he was piloting. The more expensive the aircraft, the higher cash value the pilot is worth if the player can return him to base. It is in the enemies best interests to kill all down pilots. Although the pilot is armed with the M1911 pistol, it's best use escape and evade tactics or hide in the jungle until a recovery team can be sent to rescue him.
4-6 Pictures - Custom crash animations have been made for all planes. No longer do they just explode with some bits and gently glide to a soft landing as in ZH. The planes break apart and tumble, smashing into the ground. These set of pictures show a massive air to air dog fight between F-4 Phantoms of opposing teams.

New Units - Models by ScreamingCricket
M167 Vulcan Cannon - This unit will replace the current vulcan cannon in the game. The M167 is built as a building just like the old vulcan turret, but the advantage with the M167 is that it can pack up and be towed to a new location. It does require power while deployed, but this will make mobile bases and village occupation more viable. While not textured yet, as you can see below, it is working in game.
M35 "Deuce and a Half" - The M35 truck is built from the command post's garage. This unit serves as a cheap transport early on in the game. Aside from hauling abilities, we created this unit with multiplayer team battles in mind. Since occupying and holding villages is the only long term way of acquiring money, your team mate may not always be able to hold onto his village and might need some extra help to get his forces back in order. Send in the M35, the truck can be loaded with supplies - essentially a cash transport - and sent to your team mate's base for deposit. But guard it well, as the enemy can destroy it and gather some of the supplies. The M35 can be built with supplies or as an empty transport, set a few up in a convoy (with only one with actual supplies) to confuse your enemy and give a greater chance of reaching the team mate's base. Again, the unit isn't textured, but is working in game.

Clash at a base, red eye firing at an F105, and AC-130 bombards an outpost.

New Member
Torsten joins us a Graphic Artist. His first task has been to paint and enhance our unit icons. He is just some of the stuff he's been working on. We'll be sure to show more of his stuff.

Maybe some of you would like to get in on the action? Check out our Beta Tester Application thread to enlist! Do you have talents and skills that would be an asset to us? Let us know!



August 19, 2007


The Killing Fields
Over the past few weeks as the devs have been refining and polishing the mod for first release as Lead Beta Tester Ragner_Logan put together an internal tournament for the other testers. He's brought many pics and recaps of the battles as the testers knock each other off the ladder one by one. Now only 2 remain: SouthSideDiablo and Jackseno. They are just waiting to duel it out in an epic bout on our newest play style addition - Bombardment. As mentioned awhile back when the Battleship and Carrier renders were released, Bombardment allows the player to take control of massive capital ships and slug it out to the death. As the devs refine and iron out the final issues with this play style, SSD and Jackseno will have to wait. But it is sure to be a bloody battle!

No Steps Back!
Testing does continue to make this mod as polished as possible, there are few key things left to finish off before release, but we are close. In the mean time, the testers have gathered a plethora of pictures for everyone's enjoyment. Most of these are courtesy of Jackseno.


Sulfur And Fire Will Rain From The Sky! - Video
Being the excellent tester that Jackseno is, he found what was truly the greatest bug in the game. Seriously, it was of epic proportions! EPIC! Before the tournament started, he found that the Marine Force Recon unit was truly an awe inspiring plague of destruction - a sort of demigod of warfare. Don't believe us? Check out this little video Jackseno put together for the devs to stress the importance that this bug needs to be fixed before the tournament.

Fan Service
New wallpaper painted for us by Spectre716. Behold your new background!

GameFlood Results - Thanks for Voting
Your votes landed us into the top 10 for the RTS category, thanks for voting! Although we didn't make the top 3, at least a Generals based mod made it into 2nd place. Congratulations to our friends working on the Cold War Crisis mod!

Maybe some of you would like to get in on the action? Check out our Beta Tester Application thread to enlist!

As a reminder, we have moved.
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July 10, 2007

GameFlood - Vote For Us
hosts a mod contest taking place right now! The prizes will make us rich! Sign up for a free account and vote for us on our mod profile, because frankly, we could use the money. You only have until July 16th, so show us a little love?

The Tournament Continues!
Lead Beta Tester, Ranger_Logan, set up an internal Tournament for the testers, which began last week. Throughout the week he has been posting images and recaps on our forums. Expect more images and recaps this week only on our forums!

Flesh and Bone
Our mapper, Nuka5, took on our coding god AntiSocialKindaGuy. These two have battled it out in the past with AntiSocialKindaGuy always prevailing. Nuka5 put up a tooth and nails fight unto the end... and came out victorious. For more pictures and a recap of their battle, check it out here.

Baptism of Fire
Our newest tester, Jackseno, jumped right into the battle against seasoned V|GO veteran, Seraph. After a slow start and a grueling battle, Jackseno came out on top. More pictures and a recap of their battle, check it out here.

The South Will Rise Again?
Our propaganda minister, SouthSideDiablo, went up against beta tester Mr. Kanga. While we were sure SSD would get his guts handed back to him, the planets were aligned just right and favored him. SSD ground Kanga into the grave. It was a slaughter. More pics and recap of the battle here.

The Sounds of War!
DJ Alliance is almost ready to put up another track, which should happen sometime later this week. Check out our current music and give him some feedback of what you think. Your comments and critiques are always welcomed.

Maybe some of you would like to get in on the action? Check out our Beta Tester Application thread to enlist!

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July 2, 2007


The Last Temple
Our mapper, Nuka5, has been producing some nice looking maps and we'd like to show off one he picked for this update called "Last Temple." He takes us up close and personal with lots of high res screens. Enjoy the green!

The Sounds of War!
DJ Alliance, has been working on more music for the game. We have uploaded 2 more tracks he is in the process of working on. Give him some feedback and let him know what you think .

My Path Is Strewn With Corpses!
Ranger_Logan has put together an internal tournament for the beta testers, and has decided to share some of the love with the fans. Even some of the devs will get in on the action! He will bring updates and screen shots of battles as the matches go on over the next few weeks. What does this mean for all of you? Lots of updates throughout the week that can only be seen on our forums! Also feel free to harass the losing beta tester. Look for his updates and commentaries throughout the week.

Maybe some of you would like to get in on the action? Check out our Beta Tester Application thread to enlist!

As a reminder, we have moved.
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June 14, 2007


We've been busy for a while, for a long while. Explanations can wait, first a frack load of images on this mega update!

We have a good tone, missiles away! Hold the line! Open fire!
Establishing a Fire Base. Careful, it might be booby trapped... Re-enforcements have Arrived.
Fast movers are in bound. Close air support. Securing the area.
We need to hold this village! To the choppers! Bring it close! Bring it real close!
Our air space has been compromised! Incoming! Take Cover! MEDIC!!!

The Sounds of War!
Our newest member, DJ Alliance, has been hard at work putting music tracks together for the game. We have uploaded one of them for your listening pleasure. More will be released over the coming weeks.

What's Been Happening? Is this mod DEAD??
Much has happened since February, both in real life and on the mod, but we march steadily onward. This mod is NOT dead, if anyone bothers to check the forums, they would know it is still being worked on and going through beta testing.

AntiSocialKindaGuy had a much quicker transition to his new job at EA Criterion working on AI programming, and was able to continue code work on the mod. Not much to show on that, but I can tell you he has been making many tweaks to unit stats and overall balance so you, the player, can have an awesome gaming experience.

ScreamingCricket had a rougher time getting situated with his move because of all the time spent living in a hotel while looking for a new house. His computer lived in storage and we've not had FTP access until now. He is working at EA Mythic as a Terrain Artist on Warhammer Online.

Future of the Mod?
So this long gap in being able to work on the mod would normally push back our time table on when we expect to release. But we have decided to cut out the USA Navy for the initial Pegasus Release. The Navy will follow as a later update to keep all of you interested while we finish work on the NVA for the Hydra Release. We expect the Hydra Release to follow Pegasus fairly soon as the main game mechanics have already been worked out in Pegasus.

Forums and Website moving. What the Deuce?
Everyone was doing it, so the website and forums have packed their bags and found a new home. We will be transitioning everything from Revora to ScreamingCricket's Server. Revora has been great to us by providing forums and hosting services over the past 2 years, so this decision to leave them hasn't been made lightly. Please Update your bookmarks.

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Feb 2, 2007


Lots of testing is still going on as we work hard to get the beta testers weekly updates. Now that the mod is becoming more refined, the testers have been dealing mainly with balancing issues. As the current bug list gets smaller, AntiSocialKindaGuy has begun scripting our AI for the mod so it will take advantage of our play style and correctly capture and hold villages. It is to the point so our testers can begin pounding away on the AI, or in some cases, the AI pounding away on our testers.

We have some more screen shots to show this week that our testers have taken during their conflicts with each other. The first image you can see the unit icons to help tell the units apart in the midst of battle. Hanging in the back you can see 2 squads, the standard marine squad and the LAW squad.

We will be having a few new game play modes available in multiplayer, this month we'll talk about Meat Grinder. Essentially a nod back to the Red Alert game mode, it will function similar. Players will fight on small maps and only be able to build the basic structures necessary for infantry and transport choppers. The on defense structures will be walls and bunkers. It will be one bloody mess. We will talk about other game play types featured in the mod later on.

One of our beta testers, Ranger_Logan, has written up an overview from his experience playing the mod so far. You can check it out here.

Also of note, ScreamingCricket has gotten a job at EA Mythic working with the art team on Warhammer Online.
AntiSocialKindaGuy has gotten a job at EA Criterion working on AI programming. But this mod is not forgotten, it will be finished.




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