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Happy Holidays! New Renders and Member
12/21/04, 10:41P (PT)

ScreamingCricket has modeled and textured the Chinook and Attack Chinook, while B591 has modeled the M48 Tank and Dozer:

USA CH47 Chinook - Textured

USA ACH47 Chinook Gunship- Textured

USA M67 Flame Tank

USA D7 Bulldozer

We have a new member! Please welcome Thin_White_Dutchess to the team! She will be helping out Cricket with the texturing, starting with the M113 APC

We have moved to our new address at: So, save it to your favorites!

And with that, I conclude with a holiday huey. See you next year!


New Renders and Site
12/12/04, 9:54P (PT)

Our modellers have been hard at work. Cricket modeled and textured the A1 and our newest member B591 has finished the M113.

USA A1 Skyraider - Textured


We have moved to our new address at: So, save it to your favorites!


Huey Update!
12/8/04, 4:24P (PT)

Cricket has just finished modeling and texturing all 3 UH1 Huey variations and they look fabulous! Commence drooling:

USA Huey Transport

USA Huey Gunship

USA Huey Medievac

We have a new member today, B591. He comes to us all the way from Poland! He will be modeling, starting with the M113. We welcome him to the team.

This weekend we are going to be moving the website to our new host at (not yet active). When we move we will have a link at this site linking to our new one, until people know the new address.

ScreamingCricket has also created two new wallpapers. Check them out in the downloads section. He made a tutorial on how he made the napalm explosion in the background.

F4 Phantom Wallpaper

F4 Phantom Wireframe Wallpaper

We need more people to register in the forums. Remember, you also help this mod grow and become better. So show your support and sign up today!


New Renders and Updated Unit List
12/5/04, 11:31P (PT)

ScreamingCricket has out-done himself again! He's modeled the MUTT and modeled and textured the F4 Phantom!! See for yourself:

USA F4 Phantom- Textured


The USA unit list has been updated, changed, and revamped with prices and new units. This list is most likely the final list until testing begins. See it here.

We are in desperate need of a modeler! If you think you can help us out, please go here!


New Render and Forums
11/23/04, 11:35P (PT)

ScreamingCricket finished the USA Vulcan Anti-Air Defense chain gun and it's a beauty! Check it out:

USA Vulcan AA Defense

We are beginning to move our website to another host. We have started this transition by getting new forums there. So drop by, say hello, and let us know what you think!


More New Members
11/20/04, 2:12A (PT)

We have two new members on the team today. First is TankBuster who will be doing Coding and Mapping for us. Hopefully, this will take some of the load off of ScreamingCricket. Also joining us is VivaDeath, who will be our Graphics Artist. He hasn't wasted any time getting started and has already made a wallpaper for us! You can see it here and get it in the downloads section. Enjoy!


A New Beginning
11/14/04, 1:31A (PT)

PCGamerMofo, Founder and Leader of the Vietnam Reborn Mod, has decided to take his leave and step down as leader, due to personal reasons. Although this may surprise some, he has been talking it over with the Mod team for some time, only now have we decided to make it public.
ScreamingCricket and Agent_Smith will now be in charge of the mod.
We regret to see him leave, but we may see his presence on the forums.

On the lighter side, ScreamingCricket has made a wallpaper for you all to enjoy. Check it out in the downloads section.

Also, we have a new links section where you see all our affilates and link to us.

We are in need of the following:
    - Modeler
    - Coder
    - Graphic Artist
    - Texture Artist
If you think you can help contact go to the join section and fill out the info.

The site has a new look! Thanks to ScreamingCricket for designing it and Agent_Smith for putting it together.


Big Texture Update
11/13/04, 1:49A (PT)

Bunch of new textured renders up today. Cricket finished skinning all of the USA buildings and they look great! Here they are:

USA Generator - Textured

USA Barracks - Textured

USA Vehicle Factory- Textured

USA Field Operations - Textured 

Please welcome our newest member, Mastermind. We are very fourtunate to have him on the team and look forward to great progress. He is very talented and will be helping us with modeling, coding, rigging, making installation wizards, and model optimization.


USA Command Center Textured
10/25/04, 9:27P (PT)

ScreamingCricket is doing some amazing work! He finished skinning the USA Command Center. Here it is.

Great news! The forums are back up again, so go there and post, post, post!


USA Guard Tower Textured
10/13/04, 1:48P (PT)

ScreamingCricket finished skinning the USA Guard Tower. It looks awesome! Here it is.

Also, some of you may beaware that the forums are working. This is because Gamespy is relocating its dynamic server and they should be up again by the end of the week.

Blackbird has left the team for personal reasons. He has retracted all his work.


Few More New Renders for the Masses!
10/9/04, 11:10A (PT)

Cricket has posted up his new USA Airbase and Radar Site renders, each one looking very good. And Blackbird has finished skinning the M113 APC.

USA Airbase - Textured

M113 APC - Textured

USA Radar Site - Textured

We also need more people to sign up in the forums! Not many people have joined yet. We would really apprecite it if you showed your support. Thanks!


Renders, Unit List, Art, And More!
10/2/04, 10:13P (PT)

More renders for all. Cricket finished skinning the Supply Center and it looks awesome. Our new member Blackbird made this M113 model. Keep up the good work guys! Take a look:

USA Supply Center - Textured

M113 APC

The NVA unit list has finally been completed. See it here.

We need help! Please! If you think you can help us out, please go here!

Some Concept Art also done by Blackbird has been added to the Gallery page. Check it out.

Also, our counter has reached 5000 visitors!


Huge Amount Of Renders
9/26/04, 12:14P (PT)

I have a huge update. Cricket got done with skinning a few buidlings already and has some more modelled. They look FANATASTIC! I updated the Gallery page accordingly also. Here they are :

USA Firebase - Textured

USA Supply Center

USA Helipad - Textured

USA Supply Drop Zone - Textured

You should notice that the Gallery page has been optimized and now loads much faster.


New Forums Are Working!
9/17/04, 8:38P (PT)

Woohoo! I just got the new forums up and running. They are extremely fast now, since there on the Dynamic server. Our last forums no one registered but the mod team. So how about you, the fans, register, and talk with us! You can go check the new forums out here. Enjoy :)
Also, the skin on the forums is temporary until I find someone who can make us a more "Vietnam-ish" skin.


USA Radar Site Render
9/16/04, 2:18P (PT)

ScreamingCricket just got done with the USA Radar Site. Here is a render of it.


Updated USA Airfield Render
9/15/04, 1:52P (PT)

Here is the updated USA Airfield. We use to have only 2 hangars on it, but ScreamingCricket made it 4. So you guys won't have to make as many airfields. Plus, aircraft are important! More to come soon!


Barracks Render And Archives
9/14/04, 9:20P (PT)

ScreamingCricket just got finished with the new USA Barracks. His models are extremely well done, as they should be, 3d Modelling is his career!

Also, I made a News Archives link. This will take off some of the clutter on this news page.

Some of you may noticed the PlanetCNC full page ad pages appearing on the side bars or on the top frame. I cannot change this. So just refresh until it works. And the Dynamic Server is going to be fixed in the next day or two, so keep checking back here for more news!


New Affilate And Join Page
9/13/04, 5:17P (PT)

We got a new affilate today, Planet Earth, its a good looking mod thats in progress for Zero Hour.

Agent_Smith just got the Join The Team page made. So if you want to join the mod, which we need anyone and everyone we can get, just fill out that form!

Also, we our getting new forums made on a new dynamic server that I requested from Gamespy. It will be much much better, unlike our current forums that are extremely slow and have alot of errors. The dynamic server is having problems currently though, so but I will report back when it is fixed.


Two New Renders!
9/10/04, 8:54P (PT)

We have 2 new renders for you today, the USA Command Center and USA Strategy Center.

USA Command Center

USA Strategy Center


New Render And Gallery Update
9/11/04, 11:09A (PT)

ScreamingCricket just got finished with the new USA Vehicle Factory. The repair pad is in the middle, and vehicle production on the left.

Also, the Gallery has been updated with the new renders that have been posted lately.


New Render And Unit List
9/4/04, 6:37P (PT)

More great news today. Here is a render of the Power Station. It will be the power source for the USA.

Also, we have begun finalising the unit/building list for the mod. USA is already done, and expect NVA and VC to be finalised ASAP. Read the USA list here.


Another New Render
9/1/04, 2:35P (PT)

Yet even more new renders! Here is the new Firebase for the USA.

USA Firebase


Bunch Of New Renders Up
8/31/04, 9:43P (PT)

We have a bunch of new building renders up that ScreamingCricket has made. Here they are:

USA Airfield
USA Airfield

USA Guard Tower
USA Helipad
USA Helipad
USA Supply Drop
USA Supply DZ



New Member ScreamingCricket!
8/27/04, 10:55P (PT)

We have a new modeler on the team, his name is ScreamingCricket. He will be starting on modeling all the buildings in the mod. Give him a good welcome!


Vietnam Reborn Website Goes Live!
8/26/04, 08:17P (PT)

The website is up today so enjoy!

The website is still under construction and some of the links don't work yet, but I will get those working ASAP.

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